Why I am a photographer…

It stretches the life of a moment, an otherwise impossible talent for making still what will never happen again in history.

At eleven I was given my first camera and with it I photographed only cars, at that time in my life I was obsessed. With a camera I could focus on the things I liked and was curious about, a form of study. As I have grown and my interests have changed the use of the camera has not changed, it is how I learn. It is the tool that helps satiate that curiosity.

It has taught me about respect and opened me up to how truly interconnected life is on Earth.

It is my space to be fully present in life. To appreciate the randomness and unfathomable odds of being alive; making images and storytelling remind me of this. It slows me down and I hope my photography inspires others to slow down as well

I specialize in portraiture; an honor I do not take lightly… I don’t see it as only a capture of aesthetic beauty or only a document. It is about finding the quiet connection with another person. I am looking for something subtle and expressive that says more about who they may be and to appreciate what I see in them.


Born in Detroit, Michigan

Raised in rural Maryland

The youngest son to two artists/educators/builders/designers

Proud uncle to a Corrina “Bean” and a Suzanna “Banana”

Sailed across the Pacific Ocean (was throwing up most of the time)

Has dreams about whales… often

Outside of photography he is most proud when working in conservation

Former “Employee of the Month (June 2006)” at the McDonald’s in Emmitsburg, Maryland

Currently lives in Missoula, Montana

Life ambitions

Experience the “wet” season in the Kimberley Desert

Wrestle a big cat

Continue to learn & try new things

Live in the woods and build a sauna

Cross the Pacific again… for redemption